A Miracle in the Making

A miracle happened in Rochester and it is happening again in Buffalo. The scope of CompassCare’s services include not only reaching and serving women seriously considering abortion in Rochester, but also two other major ministry elements: 1) helping Pregnancy Decision Centers get better at reaching and serving women and 2) educating the community about the inestimable worth of each human life. Over the course of the last year another field of missional harvest was added to CompassCare’s approach – Buffalo. So, what is the miracle? Continue reading A Miracle in the Making

Is the Church Ready for Abortion Tourism?

Article first published at CompassCareCommunity.com New York (NY) State has more abortions per capita than any other state in the union. At the same time, pro-life pregnancy centers in NY have the capacity to serve only a minuscule percentage of women considering abortion…except in Rochester, home of CompassCare. The pro-life infrastructure in NY is so … Continue reading Is the Church Ready for Abortion Tourism?

Coming Together to Cut Abortions by 50%

On May 9 an unprecedented crowd maxed out the capacity of the Buffalo Grand hotel to hear the plan of reducing Buffalo abortions by 50% in five years. The group applauded hearing a vision and plan to cut Buffalo abortions in half. In the face of the barbaric actions of New York’s recent deregulation of abortion via the Reproductive Health Act, attendees demonstrated resounding support for this vision by raising… Continue reading Coming Together to Cut Abortions by 50%